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Let's start out with Teachers_Without_Borders
The "without borders" organizations are a great place to start. may be useful.

I found some literacy organizations at (using Associations Unlimited):

For studying English as Second Language see ESL and ESL_Radio I do recommend getting textbooks for the classroom by donation. Two American sites that donates books internationally are University_of_Buffalo_donation_programs and Directory_of_Book_Donation_Programs. Remember to ask them about other donor libraries in America and Europe. The UN may also have a list of donor Universities that donate books worldwide. Also ask about other book donation programs in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

United States (and other) colleges now offer on-line services for international study via the Internet. Research via librarians_index_of_the_internet and for more information. Ask about international education opportunities via the internet and see World_Wide_Learn, World_Learning. There are online international schools available through eLearners and University_of_Phoenix. Write and ask questions about getting an education via Google.

I am told that more information on online education can be found at Peterson's_Education I found an African virtual university that may be of interest to you, The_African_Virtual_University They may know of similar universities in Latin America and Asia, please ask if interested.

Caution: 'Distance learning' may or may not be international. When applying to a college or university, always get specifics about services that are available. Distance learning is an elusive term that may mean in-state facilities are available but international learning is not part of the package. Be sure and ask about your specific needs before signing or paying anything. Be sure that the subject you are studying can lead to a job in your local area.

See also Global_Education_Associates and World_University_Service_Canada

It is also worth noting that textbooks can be found online at librarians_index_of_the_internet . This is great for students learning English (which is useful in business). Just type in 'online texts' or see Internet_Public_Library for some books in English.

Education is more than learning facts. Dr. Efiong Etuk has illustrated that human creativity is what this world needs more of, and is a means of survival amidst poverty. I suggest his book, Great Insights on Human Creativity.