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Human Rights Activism Via Email and Video

Human Rights Activism Via Email and Video:

To air your grievances with the imperialist United States government and its Transnational Corporations (TNC's) please read this information and contact Speak_Truth, Common_Dreams (a comprehensive news center), Corporate_Watch, Z_Net, Human_Rights_Watch, Amnesty_International (and see their links!), Derechos, Alertnet, The_Militant, Workers_World, and Covert_Action_Quarterly, Third_World_Traveler(I really encourage you to see this site)... All of these sites are read by the political left in America and top rated. See also Speak_Truth. The point is, if no-one knows that US/European corporations or government are doing something wrong in your area, no-one can change it. Human rights lawyers in the US read these magazines/internet sites and can help you. And if the situation is grave enough you can contact the New York Times, which is the paper of record in the US (and one of the papers of record worldwide) at New_York_Times .

If a corporation is underpaying you, email a letter to Corporate_Watch. If your family and friends are being pushed around or hurt because of corporate or government activity (human rights abuses), email a letter to Z_Net , Common_Dreams, Human_Rights_Watch, Amnesty_International, Derechos, or Covert_Action if the problem is severe enough (as we have seen in Yugoslavia, Burma, Indonesia, Rwanda or Guatemala). If there is a union issue, write it up in The_Militant, Workers_World or LaborNet . General issues on peace go to PeaceNet. If you would like to highlight any of these issues on video tape (and possibly get it seen on American network media) submit an email to People's_Video_Network, Witness, Digital_Freedom_Network, One_World, or International_Monitor_Institute. Video can be a VERY powerful tool for social change; it can stop killing in Burma and colonialism in the Congo. Submitting your own footage of human rights violations to international groups like People's_Video_Network can make needed changes happen quickly, and you can submit footage over the Internet using your local university computer center. Express yourself and explain in succinct detail the nature of the problem. We know that American business and government people make lots of mistakes. Human rights lawyers in America can correct them if they are properly publicized. Express yourself. See also Committee_to_Protect_Journalists
to protect journalists' rights and make sure the word gets out!